What Is Coaching?

What Can A Coach Do For You?

First, let's talk about you. You're tired, have no time, and your life is full of obligations and tolerations. You love helping people and you're a hard worker - both which are amazing traits! The problem is... You haven't put yourself as a priority in a very long time and it's catching up. Taking the dog for a walk is now a hassle, cooking and cleaning isn't as much a priority either, and patience with the people around you is faltering..

What I Do And What I Don't

Coaching is hard questions and challenging implementation steps. Habit systems and thought processes are hard to break. "What's easy to do is also easy not to do." I am here to support you 100%, and while we will work together to achieve your ideal life, I can not do it for you.

Don't: Sugarcoat

I 100% believe in you and your ability to create your ideal life. We will keep increasing your comfort zone, whether through challenging and thought-provoking questions or action steps to help you unlock your full potential. For example, if you think you're doing okay already, can you truly say you're giving your full 100% right now?

Don't: Do the work for you.

As a coach, I provide the process, but you are responsible for what you bring to our sessions and what you take out of them. It’s up to you to water the seeds we've planted.

Sound Good?